Music in Motion

11/2019 Solo Project Motion Graphic 7 weeks

For this project we were each given a piece of music that we had to visualise. I was given 'I Was Never There' by Yann Tiersen. I listened to this song hundreds of times and made loose sketches based on what I saw when I heard this piece. For me the colours orange and red were prominent and the spike of blue illustrates shifts and anomolies in the music. I used the little tad pole guys to illustrate the drone of the accordion and the vibrating crossing strings represent the energy of the violins.


Image making
Motion Design


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The aim of this project was to visually illustrate a song. I listened to the song hundred of times, drawing the images and movements that came into my mind with the swells and bursts of the song. I used different mediums and colours but I kept coming back to orange for the string parts and blue for the accordion and pings in the music.