Promotional Video for event


05/2022 Solo Project Final Project 9 weeks

The objective of this project was to identify an issue in society today and propose a solution. I identified isolation in demographics over 50 as a problem to tackle. I service that would organise discos for this demographic around the country because dance has always been a way for people to connect and has a myriad of health benefits. I hosted a pilot event to test my mission statement and used footage from the night to create a brand identity.

What is the problem I am trying to solve?

Who is my target audience?

What is are my objectives?

How will I host my event?

Synthesis of feedback from pilot participants.

How will I use footage from my event to market my product?


Social Promotion

Website Walkthrough

Reprise Explained

Disco props. (thank you to my dad for being a model)

Exhibition Space


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This project was incredibly fun. I got to work with the best people to pull it all together. I managed to raise €1000 euro for the Alzheimer Society of Ireland. I'd also like to thank my dad who was an outstanding model.

Promotional Animations for Pilot Event

Logo Development

Exhibit plan

Me n my family