03/2021 Group Project Contest 9 weeks

This project was a group project with Ailish Phillips and Emi Daly. It was an RSA student design awards brief that posed the question; “How can we make people think and act for the long time?” Using the long life span of 5 trees native to Ireland we tried to encourage people to think about big time and their personal impact on the future. When planting a tree, users would also write a message that would be sealed for 50, 100 or 500 years and then sent to their ancestors. In this way users would leave a mark on this planet and its future inhabitants.

Web and Social Campaign


Data Portraits

Time Capsules and Subscription Box


Image making
Web Design
Social Media Design


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I began this project with research. I felt it would be important to try to understand my place in big time. I made data visualisations and time lines to help contextualise big time. I then was inspired by the concept of 'Cathedral Thinking' where you start to build something that you will not see completed in your life time. We began looking at the immense natural history of Ireland. Our colour palette was inspired by the Irish landscape.