Type Specimen

1-2020 Solo Project Print 5 weeks

The aim of this project was to create a type specimen for a prescribed typeface that would hypothetically be handed out at design functions to promote the typeface. I was give Sauna Pro by the Underware type foundry. I cut out letters from the typeface in a laser cutter and shot them in an RGB prism I had created in a photo studio. I made my specimen about colour theory and showed off the typeface by typesetting essays on colour theory.


Image making
Using a freakin Lazer
Book Binding


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Prior to creating this type specimen, I had coded a website that used a lot of overlay style illustration of the letters. So I decided to create a photographic version. I used a laser cutter to cut the shape of the Sauna Pro typeface in all wieghts. I got pieces of glass and paper and stuck the letters on the glass. I then created an RGB prism and shot the shadows the letters created.

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