Tully ETNS

11/2019 Solo Project Motion Graphic 7 weeks

This Project was a brand identity exercise for the new Educate Together primary school opening in Cherrywood. The school will be on a brand new campus and will eventually have a 1100 student capacity. I wanted to create a mascot with multiple uses rather than have one logo plastered everywhere. I also wanted to convey the sense of play, inclusivity and community the Educate Together organisation prides itself on, so I had
my characters and their shapes interacting with the children.

Brochure Spread

Signage Character Set

Brochure Spread

Stationery Set



Way Finding



Image making
Wayfinding Design


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I explored many avenues before settling on my black and white photography and illustration mix. Below are some of my experiments. Please note that while the photos above are either my own, or royalty free images sourced from unsplash, the photographs below are taken from fashion magazines or history blogs as this project was done during a level four covid lockdown. I wish to take my own photos when things ease but the images below are a notebook of my collages and process work.