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Solo Project 04 Weeks 11/2022

For this project, I had to choose an app that exists and try and identify a way that it could be improved with a new feature. I chose the New York Times app. After research and user interviews I found that one issue that was common amongst those who stay engaged with the news was spikes of anxiety and existential dread. I decided to design a feature where users could filter for positive news stories so that they could stay informed on positive global developments and stories.


Problem Discovery:
What am I trying to solve?
App Analysis
I began by analysing the good and bad parts of the app to try and spot a gap where a new feature might be useful. I broke my observations down into positive and negative

What exists?
 Existing Features
I noted the existing features to see what they are already implementing.

Competitive Analysis
To gain insights into how other companies were addressing the UX processes of news delivery systems, I studied the systems of NYT competitors.

User Testing Key Findings

What am I trying to solve?
How will I solve it?

User Journey
I created a user journey to map out where my solution will fit into the existing flowJobs to Be Done and New Feature story
I listed out the key functions of my new feature and how it will help the user to better define my idea.

The Design:
How should it look?

The Feature DesignOnboarding

Icon Design

Which Solution 
The Prototype


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