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Solo Project 8 Weeks 09/2022

Tutor Oriel is an online tutoring service for high school students. They were suffering from low engagement and account creation rates due to a confusing onboarding process and poor design. I devised a new layout strategy and rebrand.


What is wrong with the site?

Heuristic Analysis
I used Nielson Norman Group’s 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design to assess the state of the current site and break down the usability problems.

Identifying Key Issues
I assigned scores to each of the 10 heuristics. Visibility of system status, user control and freedom and aesthetic and minimalist design scored worst.

Adjacent Industry Audit
I looked at competitors UX processes in my key issue areas to understand how other companies were tackling these issues. This research informed my system design.

How can it be fixed?
Low Fidelity
I began by loosely sketching potential UI layouts and system maps that would improve on the current model

Mid Fidelity
I moved on to sketching on-screen and testing my designs and flows with users.

User Personas and Journey
I user personas and journey maps to deepen my understanding of the problem and what would be required in the solution

Which solution will work?

Which Solution 
I tested on users who are in high school, college or work in the education field. I chose a range of ages, nationalities and backgrounds.
Feedback Synthesis
I recorded and transcribed my interviews. I then analysed the content and synthesised it. I annotated my prototype with the relevant sketches.

What is the solution?

The Design
I used a palette of bright colours and friendly copy as the majority of my target audience is highschool students. I tried to give the brand a scholastic feel by useing horizontal lines throughout the design to emulate copy books. 

The Prototype
I have included a walkthrough of the sign up flow and the student portal.

What did I learn?
How could I improve?

Next Steps:
If I was to make this a weekly event I would have to decide if it would be a local event or a national travelling service.

I began by interviewing my target audience at the very start. I think this helped me to better understand what kind of night they would be interested in and tailor the experience to their “in-jokes”. For example, in the 70’s and 80’s in Ireland, you could get a chicken dinner in night clubs. I made a lot of jokes around this in my promotional material.


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